Next-Up Assemblies and Complex Bearings

Custom engineered solutions featuring precision bearings and machined parts—shipped as complete assemblies.

bearing product

Design Basics

We offer customers numerous options—and a great deal of flexibility—for outsourcing the production and assembly of complex bearings and next-up assemblies. This offering is a cost-effective strategy for achieving consistently high quality and a streamlined supply chain.

We are part of a larger group of bearing specialists and advanced, high-precision manufacturers. Collectively, we can fabricate everything from small, two-piece components containing a precision bearing to very large, highly complex assemblies made of lightweight superalloys and possessing several intricate machined parts.

Experienced product and manufacturing engineers provide full support for every phase of the design and production process, starting with application engineering and continuing through prototyping, in-house qualification testing, high-precision machining and finish grinding, bearing installation, and final assembly.

Design Options

  • Applications engineering and new product development
  • In-house performance validation and qualification testing
  • High precision advanced manufacturing of bearings and machined components—turning, milling and machining, grinding (OD/Bore), EDM
  • Design and production of complex geometric parts through additive manufacturing techniques
  • Expert bearing installation and management of stack-up tolerances among components
  • Production process development and management
  • Complete assembly of finished product

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