NHBB's Drive for Sustainability 

An established culture for sustainable operations:
Continually advanced by day-to-day values.

Building toward a brighter future for generations to come.

At NHBB, ensuring our economic, environmental, and social viability over the long term is a fundamental value and driving force.  Our facilities continually work together to adopt business policies and practices intended to foster sustainability on behalf of our customers, owners, employees, and communities.  

The adopted value statements that guide our mission:

NHBB and the Environment

NHBB is continuously monitoring its environmental impacts. Our facilities, which are 14001:2015 EMS program certified, systematically set, achieve, and report on its environmental objectives and targets. And we have the full support of our parent company, MinebeaMitsumi, which has made a longstanding commitment to environmental protection.

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety within our facilities and in the local community is something we never want to take for granted. That is why we are dedicated to continually improving our occupational health and safety performance. Our vision is to set and achieve the highest standards possible.

The Ardent Support of MinebeaMitsumi, Inc.

Our dedication to sustainability is additionally supported by our parent company. Every year, we share information with MinebeaMitsumi about our program objectives, activities and accomplishments. This data is incorporated into its own integrated report, which is available on the MinebeaMitsumi website.