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Wear Sensors for Pitch Control Bearing Condition Based Maintenance

NHBB has successfully developed a bearing wear sensor for the INVINSYS® brand of pitch link control bearings that will enable helicopter maintenance personnel to easily and quickly determine the operating status of these flight-critical bearings using a wireless scanner. The added value created by NHBB’s patented wear sensor further establishes the INVINSYS brand as the leading bearing innovation within helicopter rotor systems.

Available here for download is the conference paper titled, “Wear Sensors for Pitch Control Bearing Condition Based Maintenance”. The paper was co-authored by Brandyn Lewis, Project Manager of New Product Development, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, and Brian E. Tucker, Associate Technical Fellow, Bell Helicopter. The authors presented this paper at the Vertical Flight Society Forum 73 in Fort Worth, Texas in May of 2017.

NHBB and Bell Helicopter are collaborating to introduce this technology on the Bell 525. Future work on this project will focus on aircraft and maintenance system integration.

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