Complex Bearing Assemblies

Custom engineered solutions designed to satisfy a wide range of mechanical requirements.

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Design Basics

Complex ball and roller bearing assemblies we manufacture are custom designed for small to large high-performance mechanical systems, such as aero-engine main shafts, APU’s, and helicopter transmissions. These highly engineered solutions meet demanding bearing performance criteria and fulfill a wide range of additional mechanical requirements, such as reduced vibration and noise, optimized lubricant distribution and scavenging, ease of installation/disassembly, and precise bearing positioning. Bearing engineering, prototyping, and testing are accomplished through a collaborative process between our experienced applications engineers and our customer’s product design and engineering teams. The result is a sophisticated bearing that exactly meets the customer’s needs.

Design Options

  • Diverse ball and roller ring configurations
  • Specialized corrosion- and heat-resistant ring materials
  • Advanced alloys suitable for case-hardening
  • High-grade steel and ceramic rolling elements
  • Rugged cages made from high-temperature alloys & thermoplastics
  • Integrated features for optimized form, fit and function

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