Ball and Roller Bearings

Highly engineered precision solutions for critical
​​​​​​​aerospace systems and advanced technologies. 

bearing product

A comprehensive range of products and configurations:
From standard bearings to custom solutions.

Duplex roller bearing/gear assembly

Complex Bearing Assemblies

Custom designed bearings featuring premium materials plus machined-in special features for demanding mechanical fit-ups and higher performance.
Aircraft Engine Gearbox Ball Bearing

Medium to Large Ball Bearings

High performance solutions featuring complex ring geometries, premium alloys, durable components, precision tolerances, and integrated features.
Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Medium to Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Highly reliable products featuring nine inner-outer ring configurations premium alloys, and durable components; unique design option includes out-of-round raceway geometries.
precision instrument ball bearing

Miniature & Instrument Ball Bearings

For medium/high speed and low torque applications. Premium add-ons include custom ring designs, ceramic balls, dry film lubricants, shields/seals, and polymer retainers.
Thin section ball bearing cross section

Thin Section Ball Bearings

Designed for applications with space and weight constraints and relatively light load requirements. Available in bore sizes up to 10.00 inches (254mm).
precision mechanical subassembly containing ball bearing set

Precision Mechanical Subassemblies

Rotary components containing precision bearings single-sourced for improved end products/yields, a simplified supply chain, and overall cost savings.
Duplex airframe control ball bearing

Airframe Control Ball Bearings

Low friction coefficient and low torque for applications with oscillating or limited rotation. AS7949 compliant with high-tolerance and added features.

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