September 5, 2023

Laconia, NH—September 5, 2023 – For the fourth time since 2008, the Astro Division of New Hampshire Ball Bearings (NHBB) received the Million Work Hours Award from the National Safety Council – New England Chapter (NSC-NEC).  This means Astro has had zero injuries involving time away from work for one million consecutive work hours.

In presenting the award to Astro on August 16, David C. Henderson, Executive Director of the NSC-NEC, praised Astro’s safety record and congratulated the employees and management team.  “In my tenure with the NSC-NEC, I don’t recall another company achieving this four times.  It is impressive once; it is remarkable to receive it four times.”

"Safety is ingrained in the culture here at Astro,” said Ron Richard, Astro’s Deputy General Manager.   “This award validates our efforts and substantiates the time and resource investments we make.  Each employee is made aware of our commitment to safety and the expectations we have for them from the moment they walk in the door.”

Amy Barnard, President of the USW Local 8566, spoke of the collaborative efforts between the Union and NHBB Astro Division regarding safety.  “We have a management team that supports employee safety and provides consistent training and resources; we have an active safety committee with engaged committee members; and we have employees who take their responsibility in this chain of safety quite seriously.  This award is a testament to what is achievable when we work together.”

Astro’s safety committee is led by Mike Hamilton, the division’s environmental, health and safety coordinator.  “Our systems approach to continuous improvement is what makes this model successful.  The NSC-NEC, and the resources it provides, has been of great help to our overall program here,” said Hamilton.  “It has been a good partnership.”

Headquartered in Concord, NH, the National Safety Council - New England Chapter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy.  NHBB’s Astro Division has been a member of the NSC since 1992.

The Astro Division of NHBB produces customized rod end and spherical bearing products and next-up assemblies for a diverse range of aerospace applications. They supply products to the Tier 1 manufacturers of aircraft, helicopters, and gas turbine engines and to the subcontractors supplying systems for those platforms.  Astro has been manufacturing in Laconia, NH since 1967.

NHBB's Astro Division Achieves an Impressive Safety Milestone
(l-r) Ron Richard, Astro’s Deputy Gen. Manager, Herb Parkhurst, Astro’s Plant Services Manager, David C. Henderson, Exec. Dir. of the National Safety Council – New England Chapter, and Michael Hamilton, Astro’s Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator.