February 11, 2019

Peterborough, NH--On Friday, February 8, 2019, NHBB HiTech Division held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completed renovation of the employee cafeteria.

During the ceremony, David Weitzel, Director of Operations for NHBB, expressed how significant this project was in terms of meeting the needs of NHBB's employees. "While this project is rather small in comparison to others we have undertaken recently, it is no less important." said Weitzel. "It illustrates NHBB's commitment to the comfort and safety of our employees."

The primary reason for the renovation was to meet the needs of second and third shift employees by providing fresh meals made daily and stored in new food kiosks. In addition to the new food kiosks, NHBB redesigned the layout for improved flow, added many more microwave ovens for faster food prep., gave the space a fresh coat of paint and a new floor, and purchased all new tables and chairs.

The project has also fostered goodwill within the community, as all of the old furniture was donated to a local church group, a substance abuse facility, and a new small business that opened recently.

The food kiosks depicted here include fresh meals made daily.