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Rod End Bearings

Astro Division

rod ends

Custom rod end bearings from NHBB are the choice of engineers dealing with unique geometries and dimensional constraints. NHBB customizes rod ends to hold heavier loads, operate at temperature extremes, provide stronger fatigue resistance and meet requirements for angular misalignment. We also offer ball bearing rod ends for low friction, low backlash applications.

For both custom and standard applications, we understand the importance of choosing materials to match your operating environment. Our stainless steel cadmium-free rod ends are the industry’s first to meet ACBG standards AS81935/6, /7, /8 and /9, offering equivalent dimensions and performance to cadmium-plated rod ends without the potential risks and regulatory burdens—including European Union environmental regulations—associated with cadmium.

Our rod end bearings come in either metal-to-metal or self-lubricating PTFE-lined versions. Metals include cadmium-free stainless steel, titanium, Inconel® 718 (a nickel-chromium based super-alloy for high-temperature applications), and Stellite™ (cobalt and nickel-based alloys).

NMB Karuizawa, Japan

NHBB’s Astro Division is the North and South American sales representative for products manufactured by NMB's facility in Karuizawa, Japan, giving customers access to a global supply of high quality commercial aerospace parts.

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