April 20, 2016

NHBB was granted Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) for 28 more Boeing-licensed spare parts. This latest round of approvals pertains to Boeing airframe control bearings (BACB) manufactured by the HiTech Division in Peterborough, NH.

NHBB is a licensee of the Boeing company for various airframe control bearings and has attained Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to manufacture and sell Boeing spare parts for use on Boeing type-certificated aircraft. Boeing PMA parts manufactured by NHBB are sold to the MRO market through NHBB’s Authorized Distributors.

NHBB’s list of PMA parts is expected to grow substantially during the next six to twelve months, as all three of NHBB’s manufacturing divisions are pursuing additional approvals for hundreds more Boeing-licensed part numbers.

MRO facilities interested in ordering any of the above Boeing-licensed PMA parts are encouraged to contact one of NHBB’s Authorized Distributors.