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Miniature & Instrument Ball Bearings

Post Service Analysis

While a properly-designed bearing should operate as intended, bearings like any other mechanical component fail on occasion. When this happens, NHBB is fully capable of assisting customers with the failure analysis and subsequent bearing redesign. Below is an overview of this value-added service.

Our precision miniature and instrument ball bearings have proven to be highly reliable when used within the defined limits of their capabilities, but bearing failure may occur from time to time. There are countless potential causes of failure, including improper mounting, deficient lubrication, excessive loading, contamination after installation, or lack of maintenance, as well as poor workmanship or material deficiencies.

To support our customers that experience a rare malfunction, NHBB maintains a technical staff who are experienced in the analysis of bearing failure. Using their specialized knowledge, analytical tools, and ultra-precision measuring and testing equipment, the exact cause of bearing failure can often be determined.

Hardware and information required to successfully perform a post-service analysis include:

  • All bearing components and the assembly in which the bearing was used;

  • Bearing manufacturing lot numbers, if available;

  • Historical information describing the conditions under which the device operated, such as speed, loads, temperature and atmospheric conditions, as well as any unusual shock, vibration, electrical arcing or handling situations to which the device was subjected.

Upon completion of the bearing analysis, a detailed report will be provided noting our findings.

This capability is available to any customer experiencing bearing-related problems. If a post-service bearing analysis is needed, please contact a NHBB sales representative who will make the necessary arrangements.

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Scanning electron microscope (SEM).