Engineering Reference

Precision Ball & Roller Bearings
(Medium to Large Diameter)

Engineering Analysis and Reporting

NHBB's precision ball and roller bearings have a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and consistency. Like any mechanical device, however, bearings are subject to serviceability issues, even failure. Any number of factors are the cause of bearing performance issues, including improper mounting, lubrication, environment, loading, maintenance, or contamination after installation.  When problems arise, NHBB is fully capable of assisting customers with the failure analysis and subsequent bearing redesign. Below is an overview of the requirements for providing this value-added service.

Requirements for Conducting an Analysis

Specific hardware and/or information is required to successfully perform a bearing analysis:

  • All bearing hardware, preferably in the assembled state as removed from the application with minimal disruption;
  • Installation information, including interfacing hardware details, materials and fit-up;
  • Bearing serial numbers and manufacturing lot numbers, if available;
  • Historical information describing the conditions under which the bearings operated, including speeds, loads, temperatures and atmospheric conditions, as well as any unusual shock, vibration, electrical arcing or handling situations to which the bearing was subjected.

When service or failure analysis is required, please contact HiTech’s Applications Engineering department.

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Scan electron microscope.