Airframe Control Ball Bearings

Originally designed for airframe and flight control systems, these advanced solutions are utilized in a variety of demanding applications with oscillating motion or slow intermittent rotation.

Stator Segment

Additive Manufactured Products

3D printed components manufactured from a wide range of advanced materials. Complex, durable parts at lower net costs.
INVINSYS self-lubricating rod end with wear sensor technology

Advanced Bearing & Mechatronic Solutions

Highly complex assemblies and products featuring integrated components from across the MinebeaMitsumi Group of companies.
Double hex head custom bolt

Bolts & Fasteners

Standard and specialized products, including high strength titanium bolts, nuts, recessed screws, and custom pin fasteners, engineered for quality and durability.
Machined part with plain bearings

Machined Parts

Parts of almost any size, complexity and material, produced globally for greater flexibility in outsourcing production.

An expanse of options to meet rigorous specifications.

We offer numerous component options to enhance performance and extend operating life, including premium-quality bearing steels and synthetic lubricants, high strength super alloys and durable plating/coatings. 

Specialized Market Segments and Applications

Auxiliary Mechanical Systems

  • Aileron
  • Elevator Assembly
  • Flap
  • Fuselage Bracket
  • High Lift Assembly
  • Stabilizer Trim Actuator
  • Leading Edge Slat Actuator
  • Spoiler Actuator
  • Vertical Stabilizer

Flight Control Systems and Fuselage

Rotorcraft and VTOL

Space and Satellite

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MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace applications engineers can help guide you from initial concept  through production/assembly.

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High precision manufacturing with consistent quality

Our sophisticated capabilities in nearly every facet of manufacturing leverage the 140+ years of combined expertise amassed by the MinebeaMitsumi Aerospace companies. The result is a network of seven specialized brands in Asia, Europe and North America — delivering the right products and solutions with unwavering consistency and quality — no matter where you are in the world. Flight control solutions are produced at the following division:

NHBB Precision Division

Chatsworth, CA USA

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