NHBB’s Vulkyn® Liner Extends High-Temperature Limits
Graph of test results at varying temperatures.

NHBB’s Vulkyn® brand of high-temperature fabric liner performs better than NHBB first reported. Last year, NHBB announced that Vulkyn raised the maximum operating temperature of NHBB's high-temperature self-lubricating liners by 25°F.

Additional testing at higher temperatures has confirmed that it’s actually an increase of 75°F. When tested to 700°F, Vulkyn exhibits 0.006 inches of wear after approximately 150,000 cycles. As reported earlier, when the new liner is tested at 570°F the cycle count increases to 500,000 before wear reaches 0.006 inches.

NHBB's innovative high-temperature fabric liner technology is ideal for both military and commercial aero engine applications where bearings operate at sustained temperatures above 350°F. Vulkyn is also eco-friendly. The compounds in the fabric and bonding agents currently comply with REACH, which is an essential benefit to many of NHBB's customers who supply products to European OEM's.

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