NHBB Launches High-Temperature Liner Technology
Graph of test results at varying temperatures.

Vulkyn® 650 is NHBB's newest high-temperature fabric liner technology. This innovative fabric liner system for plain bushings and spherical bearings establishes a higher threshold for bearing performance within high-temperature applications.

As the suffix 650 suggests, the new liner solution provides reduced wear of less than 0.006 inches at 650°F after approximately 325,000 cycles. When tested at 570°F, the cycle count increases to 500,000 before liner wear reaches 0.006 inches.

Vulkyn 650 raises the maximum operating temperature of NHBB's high-temperature solutions by 25°F, providing customers with an excellent alternative to NHBB's L1390 and L2625 liners. These current solutions are rated to 625°F maximum operating temperature, but they perform best at 570°F.

Vulkyn 650 high-temperature fabric liner technology is ideal for both military and commercial aero engine applications where bearings operate in temperatures above 350°F. Good examples include engine mounts, oil cooler mounts, and variable stator vanes.

While longer bearing life under higher temperatures is the primary benefit, Vulkyn 650 is also eco-friendly. The compounds that make up the fabric and bonding agents comply with REACH, which is an essential benefit to many of NHBB's customers who supply products to European OEM's.

NHBB’s New Product Development Center (NPDC) has been working on the development of this patented technology for close to two years. While 650°F is an important milestone, the NPDC is committed to raising this maximum temperature by another 25 to 50 °F in the coming years.

Contact the Astro Division or your NHBB field sales engineer for more information.