Choosing the Right Corrosion Resistant Bearing Alloy for Highly Corrosive Medical Applications

Extremely corrosive operating environments require a thorough analysis of bearing ring materials to specify the most suitable option. While a majority of situations might ultimately call for the most common and reliable stainless steel, AISI 440C, specific applications demand a more resistant alloy, especially those that regularly expose bearings to high levels of contaminants, water vapor, or… Read more

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NHBB Awarded Patent for Longer Lasting High-Speed Ball Bearing Design

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded NHBB a patent for a high-speed angular contact bearing containing a unique retainer design that reduces retainer wear and increases bearing life by up to 50% in high-speed and ultra-high-speed applications.

Retainer wear is the leading cause of high speed bearing failure, and preexisting retainer designs had yet to fully… Read more

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Ball Excursion and How It Is Prevented

Uniform spacing of the ball set in a rotating bearing is critical to bearing performance and life. After all, every ball bearing—except for full complement designs—includes a cage, which positions the balls at approximately equal intervals around the bearing raceway. In some applications, however, the cage experiences a catastrophic failure by getting torn apart by the ball-set.

Such a… Read more

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